DMV Aquatics is Your One Stop Crayfish Shop

Our Mission at DMV Aquatics is to provide you top of the line crayfish at bottom line prices We pride our self in providing quality and useful information and the tools to bring out the best in your crayfish. We treat every customer as if they was our only customer. Building realationships and not a client list.
  Say hi to the newest member of the breeding family: A male snow white juvenile.

Mexican dwarf crayfish are perfect for a planted tank and goes well with dwarf shrimp.


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Wheather to keep them as pets, or study them in school, crayfish have become a major attraction to the pet keeping hobby. Join your show host, Alex Cardinale and special guest, Mr. James Jones as we chat crayfish! Mr. James Jones is an experienced crayfish breeder and owner of DMV Aquatics. We will be discussing what you need to know to keep Crayfish, how to sex crayfish, what to feed crayfish, and we will discuss the common question, can I keep fish with crays? All that and much more! So if you want to learn how to keep crays, this show is for you.

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